Digital Peer Review of Project 4

Here are the last projects for our class (as of 9 a.m. on Tues. 5/11… more coming!). Inclass today we will be reviewing these, but have a look now. You will see an expansive range of approaches to the material. And you will see real evidence that we — as a class — know quite a bit about writing.

Here is a link to our last Digital Peer Review:

Let’s offer real feedback to each other. For each thoughtful peer review you complete, you can earn 4 points of extra credit. (You can complete only 5 peer reviews; peer reviews must be completed during in our class meeting to count.) We will work in small groups, so that you can have a conversation about the works you review.

I hope I have expressed how grateful I am that you take writing and the written word so seriously. Remember that words mean things. Sometimes. In your hands, words mean an awful lot. Keep that idea with you throughout your writing life, at Hofstra and after.

It has been a pleasure to work and write with you this semester.

Option 1: Text and Image: Continuous Reading Path on Page or Screen

Sam A * This is a text file; the pictures will not display.

Paromita B

Lauren M

Kat T

Joe B

Grace G

Ethan L

Ben L

Audrey M

Ashlyn M

Option 2: Text and Image on a New WordPress Blog: Variable Reading Path

Skylar D

Neetha K

Alice P

Option 3: Text, Image, Audio and Video: Other Ways of Making Arguments

[ ]

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